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We, at RCP Technologies, help in offering our clients with some of the best information, on ECE projects. Therefore, if you wish to know more about it, you have to get in touch with our ECE projects institutes in Hyderabad, for some promising results. You will be able to receive some of the best training in the electronics manufacturing units, from none other than our leading experts over here. These programs are currently provided as an internal knowledge over the electronics manufacturing industry. After being a part of our ECE  project companies in Hyderabad, students will come to learn more about the necessary features of the electronic manufacturing industry.

Through our sources and ECE mini projects in Hyderabad, students are likely to get benefitted by availing some of the best industrial exposure. It even helps them to bag the best placements in their final year. With us, you will receive, two broad types of training modules:

Summer training: 4 and six weeks:

  • Training 1: E-dimension programs from BSNL projects for ECE in Hyderabad: Awareness of the present six dimensions in the electronics section
  • Training 2: specialization programs: Embedded, Robotic, SMT, PCB, solar and LED lighting

Six months of industrial training:

  • Training 3: Advanced form of electronics design and manufacturing: specialization in the field of robotics, embedded, PCB, LED, Solar or SMT
  • Training 4: Web development services in the area of open source and PHO technologies

Get to the core of our training partner:

Training 1: e Dimension programs: Basic awareness of the six dimensions in electronics:

The primary aim of this awareness program is to help out the young electronics engineers. Here, we have some of the best B Tech ECE  projects in Hyderabad and offer the aspiring students with some of the basic sources. You will receive knowledge of the six dimensions: embedded, electronic Robotics, Solar, SMT, LED lighting and PCB.


  • Basics of the electronics from mini projects for ECE in ECIL Hyderabad
  • Manufacturing procedure of the electronics
  • Awareness program on the current six dimensions of electronics
  • Robotics from institutes for ECE projects in Hyderabad
  • Embedded
  • PCB manufacturing
  • LED lighting
  • SMT
  • Solar

Points included in this package:

The package comprises of industrial visits, in the electronics manufacturing company, along with some PCB manufacturing lab work. You will also be a part of some mini projects, along with the chosen ECE final year projects in Hyderabad help. Moreover, you will have inclusion in some of the key job opportunities, depending on the database of our sources.

Training 2: Specialization programs associated with embedded, robotics, solar, SMT, Led lighting and PCB.

In these types of ECE mini projects institutes in Hyderabad, you have the options to choose anyone of the projects, listed below, as a mark of specialization. Some of the best areas for you to choose from are:

  • Soar with the basics of its technology as associated with institutes for mini projects in Hyderabad for ECE
  • SMT or the Surface Mount Technology with the help of basics of electronic manufacturing
  • PCB or the basics of the PCB manufacturing
  • Robotics, along with the basics of the Robotics electronic assembly
  • Embedded form of basic programming with quality process and M Tech Projects for ECE in Hyderabad
  • Basic LED lighting design with the component identification or LED

Points to be included:

After you have come to terms with our best institutes for ECE major projects in Hyderabad, there are various points, which are incorporated into this segment. Here, you will receive some industrial visitors, in some of the solar company lab work and electronics manufacturing company. You can be a part of a mini-project, along with free inclusion in the current job database of our source.

Training 3: Advanced form of electronics manufacturing and design: With the help of one specialization in PCB design, embedded, solar and Solar LED:

In this section of major projects for ECE in Hyderabad, there are different topics available for you to choose from. You should be aware of the projects first, before availing some of the best features associated with this source here. Some of the topics incorporated in this segment are:

  • Basics of the electronics
  • Manufacturing procedure related to electronics
  • Electronics assembly services
  • Advanced form of quality process
  • Identification of the component
  • Production method of this service
  • Basic design of the LED lighting
  • Manufacturing procedure related to PCB

Choosing any of the specialization:

Before you proceed further with one of our projects for ECE students in Hyderabad in this section, you are asked to get along with the topics first. Some of the essential aspects are:

  • Basics of the electronic services
  • Electronic manufacturing procedure available
  • Electronic assembly sources
  • Advanced form of quality process
  • Identification of the component
  • Production process for your help
  • Primary type of lighting LED design
  • PCB manufacturing process for help
  • Solar technology and LED lighting
  • Robotics and SMT
  • PCB designing
  • Embedded systems

Points to be incorporated:

  • Focusing towards the industrial internship: From the PCB manufacturing and electronics manufacturing company with projects for ECE in Hyderabad
  • Triple certificate: Certificate 1 of the specialization certificate, Certificate 2 or the production process Certificate, and Certificate 3 or industrial training certificate
  • Lab works with various multiple projects and mini projects for ECE in Hyderabad
  • Free forms of placement programs, as enrolled with our company

Training 4: web Development in the Open Source and PHP technologies:

You are cordially invited to view the topics of IEEE Projects for ECE in Hyderabad in this section before you think of taking help from this source. Some of the items are listed below:

  • Overview of the development
  • Overview of the application area
  • CSS and standards
  • HTML and JavaScript
  • Joomla and PHP

Points to be included:

These forms of main projects for ECE  in Hyderabad comprise of live projects and free inclusion in the job opportunities database from our source. We ensure to divide our course in the finest manner possible, to let it be an easy choice effective practice.

Through our ECE projects in Hyderabad, you will get to learn more about our packages and what we have in store for you. There are various sources, which are readily available for you to unveil.

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