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It is an inevitable truth that various types of modernized simulation tools are now available for network research. Among so many available simulators, NS2  is considered to be a significantly used and highly recognition open source networking simulator. Within this current research community, the NS2  projects are now highly recommended. The entire service is a secure one and is based on the real discrete event based simulator tool. It helps in providing you with the most accessible source of all time. The entire service is now designed, depending on the current OSI model, and with the primary aim of supporting the wired networks. With the help of the present CMU wireless extension of NS2, the services assist in offering you with the wireless networks.

Offering you with the best opportunity:

We are here to provide you with a unique opportunity for gaining hands-on experience in the field of NS2. From us, you will enjoy the best packages of NS2  projects in Hyderabad, with some positive results. This course is mainly available to offer you with the best NS2  projects training sources for the graduate as well as the postgraduate engineering students. There are some research scholars available in specializing in the wireless and wired networks, in some areas like B. Tech, B.E, M.E, M. Tech, M.S, Ph.D. and more. Moreover, we would love to customize the syllabus, depending on the requirement of students.

Basic course outline available:

To know more about the course and what we have in store, let’s get a simple outline of our services first. We are proud to present you with:

  • Introduction notes associated with the NS2 services
  • You will get to know more about the best installation procedure as another turning point
  • Get in touch with the current NS2 components along with the best architecture
  • TCL scripting or the current OTCL service
  • Wireless and wired network simulation models available
  • Graph generation along with the proper use of trace file analysis and AWK script
  • Case studies on some of the wired networks, with examples of congestion control, routing and queue management
  • Case study on some of the wireless networks, like, mobility management, MANET routing, UDP or TCP, WSN models and more

Some important points to jot down:

In case, you want to proceed with our course module and package, you must remember to book the seating beforehand. Our seating is limited, therefore; we are in need of the pre-registration services. We have special classes on weekend and weekdays. Therefore, if you are currently working somewhere and need to attend the classes, which are available on weekends, you are most welcome to avail our services.

Additionally, to help our clients in practicing their general services, we would like to help them with unlimited practical hours. You can even enjoy the services of free software installation period. For the novices, we are proud to present you with lots of relevant samples for the current simulation models. In case, you are looking for the training certificates, you will receive that from our side. Moreover, we are here to offer you with the softcopy of some of the right materials.

For whom are our courses:

This training from our side is a collection of rich as a well as an informative introduction to understanding the present architectural issues along with solutions. Through these services, we are here to present you with some development skills in the field of network simulator technology. These courses are currently meant for M. Tech, B. Tech, Ph.D. researchers and some of the professional researchers from the same line of thought.

Know more about NS2  and NS3 modules:

To make the subject further simplified, we have differentiated our modules into two broad categories; NS2  and NS3 Modules. You need to be aware of the topics, which we cover, and check out the services, readily available.

NS2  module:

  • Introduction of NS2
  • Architecture of NS2
  • Installation procedure of NS2 with Linus OS
  • Handling and starting of NS2
  • OTCL or TCL programming of NS2
  • Working with the present makefile
  • Transforms
  • Running wired with the simulations scenario
  • Wired domain
  • Working with the current existing protocols
  • Design of the wired network
  • Link creation or node creation
  • Performance analysis
  • Network animator simulation or the NAM
  • Plotting graph with the graph
  • Learning more about the trace file or wired trace format
  • Analysis with the grep, awk and grep
  • Wireless domain
  • Design of the wireless networks
  • Routing protocols
  • Node configurations
  • Performance analysis

NS3 module:

  • Introductory note to the NS3
  • Pre-requisite of the NS3 with some Linux commands and environments
  • NS3 installation procedure with Linux OS
  • Fundamental aspects associated with the network simulator 3
  • Introductory note to the Python
  • Working with the modern net anime
  • Working with the current Gnuplot
  • Details of the logging level
  • Debugging services with the help of GDB tool
  • Monitoring and tracking of the packet loss, drop and delay
  • Flow monitoring services
  • Packet analysis with the help of Wireshark
  • Building topologies
  • Mesh network
  • Simple scenario of wireless source
  • Status of the energy model
  • Ad-hoc and Wi-Fi network
  • Broadcast communication
  • Networking dynamics along with the different network management
  • Working with the current routing protocols
  • Implementation of the AODV, OLSR, DSDV and DSR

Training mode from our side:

We know that you must be looking for the best business opportunities while dealing with NS2  project institutes in Hyderabad. Therefore, we are going to work that extra mile, just to provide you with the best training treatment, you deserve.Get in touch with us, and we would like to help you with the best training modules. We are making the modules easy to understand and use, for both the students and those who are studying online.

We are here to offer you with instructor-led class. Therefore, if you have any queries, you can ask our expert veterans, then and there. Not just for the physical classes, but we have instructor led online sessions, as well. We provide you with video streaming and live chat with the experts. So, no matter how critical your question is, you can ask it and get it solved by us. We are happy to help!