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Discover the real certification information and training, you need, while successfully deploying, designing and managing the cloud or virtualization infrastructure. Get down for our VMware online training and certified course, as availed from RCP Technologies . This certification helps in setting out a standard rule and regulation for the IT professionals. The same course is available for validating the critical skills, which every firm needs to manage and adopt the technology. It helps in driving the business with some particular outcomes only.

There are various benefits, which you will come across with the assistance of VMware certifications. You can go through the technology and level areas and enjoy some fascinating responses. Want to know about some of them? Well, through us, you will receive:

  • Increasing the career growth with flexibility
  • Advanced credibility with the help of colleagues, employers and clients
  • Improvised alignment of the VMware training courses, with the assistance of certified requirements

Version 6 of the certification roadmap:

  • Solution design architecture meant for VMware Certified Design Expert
  • Implementation level associated with VMware Certified Implementation Expert
  • Administration level for inviting VMware Certified Professional
  • Business IT for the VMware Certified Associate

Version 5 of the certified roadmap:

  • Solution Design Architecture made relevant for the VMware Certified Design Expert
  • Implementation service associated with VMware Certified Advanced Professional
  • Administration level related to VMware Certified Professional
  • Business IT level related to VMware Certified Associate

Get trained from some of our leaders:

Through our services, you will be able to demonstrate some of your expertise and validate your chosen skills. After you are done with the training procedure, next is to deal with the certificate examination, as provided from our side. We are here to provide our clients with the best learning paths, starting from finding the right courses, which are based on your skill to the major areas of you to focus at. Look for the other delivery methods, which are available on our side. We are here to provide our Vast students with flexible training options. It will help you to be trained at right time and place, which will work, as per your schedule.

Featured courses:

Once you have planned to take help of our featured courses, there are three major options, and those are termed as vSphere, NSX, and vRealize. Let’s talk about the featured courses in details:

VMware vSphere:

VMware vSphere is mainly termed as the foundation of the software-defined data center. With the help of new VMware vSphere 6, users have the liberty to extend their ability and virtualize the scale out and scale in applications. It helps in redefining the real meaning of availability and simplifies the present virtual data center. Through this section, you will be able to gain more investment’s value from the education services.


Through this course, you will be able to develop a proper understanding of VMware virtualization along with some other relevant technologies.
Avail an in-depth knowledge of ways in which virtualization drives you with a better business outcome
This course is designed in such a manner so that the aspiring students will come to know more about business agility and its usage
Enhance your present knowledge of terminology and other necessary requirements, which enable any software defined firm through some real life scenarios and cases.
You will get to learn in a more self-paced and convenient format

VMware NSX:

Just like working on the VMware vSphere, you can take some time out and work on the VMware NSX. It is mainly defined as a network security and virtualization platform. It solely depends on the software-defined data-centric platform. With the help of NSX, you will be able to bring virtualization to the present existing networks and transform the network operations and other economics. The primary goal is to deliver a completely new operational module for a smooth flowing system. With the help of our services, you can make the journey to software defined center with expert support to back up.

Know more about the VMware course Training :

  • Through the VMware NSX course, you will come to know more about the installation, configuration and management services of NSX as one of the prominent platform
  • Know more about installing, configuration and management services of V6.1
  • NXS platform for the foremost internetworking experts, in a fast track mode, V6.1
  • Design and deployment of NSX
  • NSX troubleshooting and other forms of useful work
  • Configuring, installing and managing NSX, in V6.0
  • NSX for the chosen internetworking experts, fasts track in V6.0
  • Fundamentals of the VMware Network Virtualization
  • Exam preparation workshop with Network Virtualization Certified Professional or VCP-NV
  • Installation, configuration, and management of V6.0, on demand
  • Installation, setup and management of V6.0 for lab request

VMware vRealize Suite:

Just like working on the above two sections, VMware online training in Hyderabad from RCP Technologies is ready to provide the clients with yet another online training module, named as VMware vRealize Suite. This platform helps in offering customers with a unified form of management experience, along with additional intelligent operations. This suite lets you automate and standardize resource delivery, taking place across the Hybrid cloud. The training courses are available from experts only, which will provide you with the advantage of functions and features, included in the package. Now, avail the most out of VMware vRealize Suite now.

Working on the course:

  • VRealize orchestrator as related to VMware vRealize Suite fundamentals
  • VMware vRealize Suite automation with installation, configuration and management services for V6.2
  • Cloud automation design and deployment services with fast tracking facilities, for V6.0
  • vRealize Orchestrator associated with the fundamentals of the vRealize Automation platform
  • vRealize Operations Manager for the new V6.0 fundamentals
  • vRealize Operations Manager for the standard V6.0 fundamentals
  • vRealize Operations Manager installation, configuration and management services of V6.0

So, whenever you think of availing services, waste to time further and join hands with vmware training in Hyderabad from RCP Technologies. You will be amazed to see so many prominent features, waiting for you to explore. Just fill up our form and send the source to us. Once done, we will contact you immediately. You do not have to look further for a better option!

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