Laptop Chip Level Repairing Course in Hyderabad

Laptop Repairing COURSE COVERS

  1. Basic Electronics
  2. Computer Hardware
  3. Laptop Motherboard Chip-Level Repair
  4. Trouble Shooting Guide (Flow Chart)
  5. Desktop Motherboard Course Content
  6. Monitor Repairing

Chip Level Repair Training: Classroom & Online


  • Graphic Conversion DIS to UMA
  • BIOS Editing
  • ME Clean
  • IO Chip Programming
  • Running Notes
  • Complete notes soft copy
  • Videos
  • Practical on Different Working Boards
  • Free Schematics and BIOS bin Files

Laptop Chip Level Repairing Course Content


  • Electronic concepts
    • Electrical Current
    • Voltage
    • Power
    • Energy
    • Resistance
    • Impedance
  • Resistors
  • Diodes
    • Rectifier
    • Zener Diode
    • Schottky Diode
  • Transistors
    • BJT
    • MOSFET
    • Digital Transistors
  • Capacitors
    • Filters
    • Couplers
    • De-Couplers
  • Coils and Transformers
  • ICs
  • DC-DC Buck Regulator
  • Comparators
  • Schmitt-Triggers
  • ESD Filters


  • Assembling and Disassembling of PC and Laptop
  • Overview of PC
  • Identifying Peripherals
  • Mother Board Block Diagram
  • OS Installation – Windows and Ubuntu
  • Drivers and Software Installation
  • PC SMPS Testing
  • Windows Password Reset
  • Data Backup and Data Recovery
  • PC BIOS Password Reset
  • Create Bootable CD, DVD, USB Drive
  • Cloning Hard Drive


  • Identifying Components on Motherboard
  • Motherboard BLOCK Diagram
  • Schematic Diagram Reading
  • Datasheet Reading
  • Adapter and Battery Ratings
  • Volt-In Section
  • LDO Supplies
  • Battery Charging Section
  • 5v and 3v_S5 state Voltages
  • Power on Circuit
  • Laptop Power States (S5-S3-S0)
  • Memory Section
  • Chip-Set Power
  • Run state Voltages
  • CPU Power
  • VGA core and GFX core
  • Clock and Reset signals
  • LCD and LED explanation
  • Display Section
  • Complete Power on Sequence
  • Token Capacitor Replace
  • Graphic Chip Problem Confirmation
  • USB, HDD, K/B not detecting Issues Resolve
  • Wi-Fi/CAM/Audio not working
  • Short Circuit Identification
  • BIOS Programming
  • BIOS Password Removal


  • No Power
  • No-Display
  • Automatic Restart
  • Automatic shut-down
  • Blue Screen Error
  • Display ok but OS not Booting
  • Plugged in not charging
  • Battery not detected
  • Dell Beep Codes
  • HP Blink Codes
  • And many more


  • Identifying Components on Motherboard
  • Block Diagram of Motherboard
  • Power on sequence
  • Voltage to Memory Module
  • Termination Supply
  • Chip-set voltage Regulators
  • VRM Section (cpu_pwr)
  • Clock & Reset
  • Short Circuit Identification
  • BIOS function and Re-Program
  • Schematic and Datasheet Reading
  • Key voltage and test points
  • Step by step Troubleshooting Guide
  • Audio/LAN/USB/VGA Issues Troubleshoot


  • LCD/LED Monitor BLOCK Diagram
  • Overview of Different Sections in Monitor
    • Power Supply
    • Logic Board
    • K/B panel
    • Display Assy.
  • SMPS BLOCK Diagram
  • Understanding SMPS working Principle
  • Different Sections in SMPS
  • SMPS Working Principle
  • SMPS Circuit Diagram
  • Board Tracing
  • Trouble shooting
  • Pin outs of Various PWM ICs used in SMPS
  • Preparing Trouble shooting flow chart
  • LCD Inverter section
  • Inverter Section Tracing
  • Different Inverter Topologies
  • Troubleshooting Inverter Section
  • LED Boost Converter Circuit
  • Tracing Troubleshooting Boost Converter
  • Monitor Logic board Repair
    • Connectors on board
    • Voltage Regulators
    • VGA con. Pin outs
    • RGB signal input path
    • EEPROM chips
    • Scalar, MCU, LVDS chips functionality
    • LCD panel supply Regulation
    • LVDS con. Pin outs
  • Keyboard panel
  • LCD/LED Screen repair
    • Replacing Back-Light
    • Repairing Driver board
    • Altering Driver Board
  • Troubleshooting Guide for
    • No Power
    • No Display
    • Dull Display
    • White Display
    • Back-Light Blinking
    • Monitor Auto Shuts-off
    • OSD ok but no data from CPU visible
    • Single color domination

The laptop has become common for the middle-class families, just like the mobile phones have become standard for all in the entire world. Laptops have become common in many of the houses because these have become regular usages in the professional life, personal life, education, business, entertainment, learning and many other dimensions. People started replacing the desktops with the laptops. There is no surprise in knowing this and understanding this because most of us prefer the laptops for two simple and convincing reasons. The first reason or benefit we look for the laptops is the portability of the computer. The other benefit is the integration of multiple units, like CPU, Keyboard, Display and many other peripherals like microphones and webcams into a single unit called the laptop.

Who Is Eligible for Laptop Repair Course?

Any person can learn the laptop repair in Hyderabad. The primary eligibility that drives somebody to teach the laptop repair course is the strong desire to learn the servicing of the laptops. So, the important factor considered for learning is the aspiration and passion for learning the same. When the passion is the primary drive to learn, if you are from electronics background or computers background, you will more likely, the best learner of the laptop repair course in Hyderabad. When considered in the general sense, anyone, who has completed the tenth standard from any school board can be eligible for learning laptop repair course.

What am i going to learn in chip level training course?

What you are going to learn and how much you are going to learn significantly depends upon the institute you have joined in. If you have entered in a professional institute with minimum of five years of experience in training of the laptop repair course, you can learn and more and also well. On the other hand, if you have joined in a less reputed institute, there are fair chances that you will end up with learning nothing. So, ideally, what you are going to learn in a laptop repair course from the reputed institutes are the following.

What more to expect from rcp technologies institutes?

When you join the institute, it is important that you ensure that all parts of the laptop covered for handling, replacement, and repair. If you opt for the chip level servicing, the Institute must be able to train you for complete and comprehensive repair of fixing the chip or Integrated Circuits. The important aspects to consider for the training of the laptop repair are relevant theoretical concepts, laboratory sessions. After learning the theoretical and practical concepts, it is not the end of the repair course. There must be enough sessions allocated for the practice. So, the training for the laptop repair must be in three-dimensional called theory, practical and practice.

What will be my career opportunities on laptop repairing?

With the increased use of the laptops over the desktop computers, the potential for employment has been increasing day by day. The variety of jobs after learning the laptop training course has been popular. There are lucrative career options designed and allocated for the laptop servicing or repairing professionals. There are many people, who have awareness and internal functions of each of the unit of the desktop, but it is not the same case with the laptops. So, even there is a small problem with the laptop, one has to run to the laptop repair centers. Eventually, you can join in a laptop repair centers in Hyderabad as laptop technician. After gaining particular experience, you can start up your own freelance business and start up a new laptop servicing center, wherever you want. Setting up own business needs a certain amount of experience and also initial capital required.

Any better institute in hyderabad ameerpet?

There are many of the laptop repair centers in Hyderabad and among them are some of the laptop chip level training centers in Hyderabad. However, there are very few laptop chip level training centers found in Hyderabad. So, it is quite important to search and find the best one that suits the needs and fulfills your objective of learning complete laptop chip level training in Hyderabad. One of the best institutes among the laptop chip level training centers is the RCP Technologies, located in Ameerpet in Hyderabad. The institute is well reputed and gained seven years of experience in training of the repairs, like the laptop, mobile phones, smartphones, etc. The experienced and expertise faculty from the Institute are reliable human resources, on whom the student can rely upon for expert training for laptop repair. The laboratory and necessary equipment needed for the laptop repair is well placed in the institute so that the practical and practice sessions can be conducted full-fledged. All it needs is going to the institute and be specific about what exactly you are looking for and what is your objective of learning the laptop chip level repair training course in Hyderabad.

If you are a serious aspirant to gain the laptop chip level training in Hyderabad, do not waste your time and rush immediately to the RCP Technologies and initiate your course immediately and make sure you go to the institute regular. Once you complete your training, the institute is going to support you in providing the placement as there is a separate placement cell that exclusively works on providing the placements for their students. There will be enough support for the aspirant learners, who wish to start up their own business in Hyderabad or any other place.

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