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These terms and conditions are designed to control the use of the website, RCP Technologies. Here the company, RCP Technologies is referred as “we,” “us” and “Company.”

Here, the term “You” refers to paying customer or a user. In case, the “You” is a person or a company, who provides access to company products, then you agree to take total responsibility, in case of damages or indemnification, which can lie against customer.

The RCP Technologies website, along with the educational services and contents are owned, maintained and operated, by RCP Technologies. The content, products and site itself are collectively termed as “Company Products.”


A. Accessing or using the company products, like downloading

B. Offering course through software or site,

You agree to terms and conditions, which are set forth in this “Terms of Use.”

Furthermore, y using this website or its products or services, you warrant and agree to have understood, read and agreed to go by the terms mentioned. You can find out the privacy policy of the company in the “privacy policy” sector. In case, you deny accepting these terms then you must not use and not even authorized to use any part of this firm, or its products or services.

Please go through the available options carefully before using any service of this website

You are prevented from using this website in unlawful manner. You should respect

The terms and conditions of this website, and follow the present Privacy Policy

  • Under no circumstances or situation, will this company be held liable for any content change, which is applicable on this official site through services and products. Some examples, even not limited to, are omissions, errors, damage experience or loss in connection with use of exposure; availability of content via services, products or various other sources like blog, email, etc.
  • This service is free to anyone with access over internet. However, this site is not to be held responsible for charges incurred for using software, hardware or any internet service provider fee. The user is to be held responsible for proficient use of internet access and computer hardware.
  • You need your login credentials for some parts of this site, and company has the right to block access to any service for user, who happens to avoid following these rules.
  • It is our duty to ensure that users receive uninterrupted access to our services. However, there is no obligation required.
  • RCP Technologies is not to be held responsible for issues associated with your server or network, beyond some limits.

Links and Hyperlinked Terms

This website might have some links to other websites. We are not here to undertake any control on contents of the third party websites. The main purpose of this link is to offer user information. Therefore, RCP Technologies is not to be held responsible for the third party organizations.

RCP Technologies has the right to change prices of offers, products and even deals. These changes rely on market conditions, price change, course termination and providers.

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