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We ensure to take privacy quite seriously, and committed to protecting the right to protect as user of our online site. We made every kind of effort to ensure that the information remained secure. This privacy policy is said to cover all kinds of information covered and collected, regarding what we have done and what we are about to do. You can use this information to make accurate decisions about privacy.

About Us

RCP Technologies provides classroom and instructor led training for various IT Courses, like ERP Courses, Big Data, Data Warehousing, Admin, programming, Development courses, open source, testing courses and more. These courses are practically designed for project managers and developers in any kind of professional certification exam preparation.

Information Practices

We have taken every effort to ensure that our website maintains accurate information. The content, is however; subject to change whenever need arises. We are not to be held responsible for any damages, arising from proficient use of information, as held on server. We will further assure you that the downloadable content is free from virus. RCP Technologies is likely to accept no liability for damages, as resulting from any kind of virus infection.

Information, As Collected By RCP Technologies

  • You can have total control on the privacy of the said information
  • Your information is not likely to be sold, disclosed or exchanged to any 3 rd party companies for any kind of marketing purposes
  • You can further procure offers from us, whenever the need arises
  • You have the liberty to browse through our website, even before making any registration

Our team of experts might collect and even store information, which you have voluntarily provided to us, for accessing free discussion forums and tests. We are not going to share any of your personal information with any third party source. Furthermore, we are not going to collect information about our visitors from public or private organization, bodies or even email databases.

We would like to use this information for contacting you through telephone or email, mostly for receiving feedback. We can further use this information for informing you about any new products in the shelf or provide support for any issues. In case, you do not want us to contact you through email, you have the liberty to unsubscribe anytime.

Whenever you plan to purchase our online training courses, you have to make payments online. For that, you might have to share some of your personal information, like email address, name, telephone number, physical address, credit card number and expiration, and even CVV number.

While going through our programs, we are able to store your information and contact details in our order entry and registration systems. You can be rest assured on the fact that your credit card information will not be stored in our system. It will be processed by payment gateway, which comprises of SSL.

Cookie Information

For enhancing our online experience and track some website performances, we might use cookies. It is a small text file, which will be placed in the computer’s hard drive, and retrieved later. Cookies will not tell us about your identity.

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