Mobile Repairing Course in Ameerpet Hyderabad

Mobile Repairing Course

RCP Technologies is a foremost Mobile repairing Training center in Hyderabad, with basic, advanced and combo level of training. These training are provided on mobile repairing services, starting from the basic bar phones to the latest smartphones, manufactured by different branded manufacturing units. The entire course syllabus will be simplified in such a manner, which helps in matriculating the grasps of concepts. Moreover, a team of highly experienced instructors and trainers backs up our training courses. They are well associated and well-versed with the latest form of mobile technology.

A simple layout of the courses available:

Our team of experienced has an extensive experience of more than a decade, and most of our trainers are veterans in this section. With so many years of experience, you will impart to you some of the best mobile repairing courses on different notes. Each of our courses helps the students to enjoy a hands-on training on repairing, testing and maintaining a wide range of mobile handsets. Name any of the manufacturing houses, and you will receive the best treatment from our side.

mobile repairing course

Our facilities are the finest combination of practical, theoretical and assessment classes. Students will have the liberty to make use of other repairing and testing tools, to not just diagnose but also fix any hardware of software related problems. We are providing value-added courses to our students, who want to learn more and in proper style and manner. From us, you will receive some of the best Training at RCP Technologies, as one of leader in mobile phone repair training centres in hyderabad like:

  • Leatest Mobile repair technology for mobile repairing courses, for Two months
  •  Advanced Mobile repairing courses for one month
  • expert advice and trained in Both Software and Hard ware Chip Level mobile repairing Course

Reasons to To Join Cell Phone Repairing Course:

Even when you have so many institutions offering Mobile Repairing Course in Hyderabad, why do you always rely on our training help? Well, the reason is remarkably straightforward. We have been a pioneer in this field of mobile repairing courses. With the help of our industrial expertise and real zeal to offer 100% student satisfaction rate, we have amazing experts. They are all set and ready to train thousands of laymen and turn them into hardcore professionals, in the field of mobile engineering. We are not just known for offering a course, but help in offering a promising career, shortly!

After completion of Cell phone Repairing course  from our side, students will receive a certificate, along with free mobile repairing kits. If they have scored well, there are some good gifts waiting for them too! Moreover, being one of the noteworthy mobile repairing centers in Hyderabad, we ensure to provide our students with different types of schemes and offers, as well. Some of the other factors, which make us the best choice for the rest, are:

  • Problem-based learning, with solutions too
  • Organized form of practical and theoretical classes available
  • Introductory note and working on the latest machinery available, like Hot Air Gun, SMD, DC power Supply and more
  • Practice in the field of software, tracing and practical labs
  • Tips and some field visit some of the renowned service centers for hands-on experience
  • Programs with placement assistance service
  • Online support for some of the major businesses

Dealing with the Mobile Repairing course:

Before you proceed, further with any of the Mobile Chip level repair training, it is better to get along with the best course packages, which we , as a Leader for cell phone repair training institute in Hyderabad, Ameerpet have in store for you. These courses are divided into different sections. Depending on the time span and the kind of programs you are interested in, we have a plethora of courses, waiting for you to reveal. Some of the best options are:

Basic mobile phone and chip level training:

  • History of the mobile phone
  • CDMA and GSM structure, along with generation of the mobile phones
  • Channels and frequency available
  • Bluetooth, GPRS and infrared services
  • Mobile phone disassembly and assembly of an old product
  • Overview of the electronic components
  • Chip level de-soldering and soldering services available

Mobile phone complete software repairing service:

  • Parts of the computer operating system or computer
  • Driver installation service and package
  • Mobile phone or the S/W of repairing with coding service
  • Repairing different type of software related problem
  • Set dead, file flashing, hang, on or off and restart services
  • Various types of unlocking services, like country lock or SIM or user lock
  • Online form of IMEI repairing services

Mobile phone based electronic services and complete form of hardware repair:

  • Introductory note to the electronic services
  • Voltage, charge or even various types of currents available
  • Different types of electronic components with identification testing and their proper working
  • Basic tips as related to mobile phone hardware repairing service
  • Section of the mobile phone or circuit diagram reading
  • CDMA or GSM or Chinese mobile phone troubleshooting services

Advanced form of Hardware Mobile Repairing course:

  • Introductory note to smartphones
  • Descriptions about mobile OS for Blackberry, iPhone, Samsung and some of the other leading brands
  • Features of smartphones, along with identification of iPhone
  • Identification of the components and block diagram
  • Finding and fault service with GPRS and Wi-Fi systems
  • Disassembling and assembling of the smartphones

Advanced form of Mobile Phone Software repairing:

  • Jailbreak, phone upgrading, and country unlock services
  • Android phone root along with pattern lock and flashing
  • Flashing map problem and Blackberry locking system
  • Samsung flashing hard resetting service
  • Smartphone internet connection
  • Android application installation and iPhone services
  • Wi-Fi connection in Blackberry services

Apart from the points mentioned above, we have some other particular forms of Mobile repairing training packages, which are known for offering the clients with special training. The primary aim is to unlock the Android mobile phones and Blackberry devices. There is a separate course on software installation services and software registration values. You can even look for the online software repairing services, with iPhone factory unlocking courses.

For more details, you are asked to visit our official store and start a conversation with our experts. They will ensure that all your queries are answered, and you do not have to wait for help, from any other secondary institution. Fill up our online forms, and let us assist you with the courses.

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