Mobile Repairing Course @ Rs. 20,000/- in Hyderabad

Mobile Repairing Course

RCP Technologies is a foremost Mobile repairing Training center in Hyderabad, with basic, advanced and combo level of training. These training are provided on mobile repairing services, starting from the basic bar phones to the latest smartphones, manufactured by different branded manufacturing units. The entire course syllabus will be simplified in such a manner, which helps in matriculating the grasps of concepts. Moreover, a team of highly experienced instructors and trainers backs up our training courses. They are well associated and well-versed with the latest form of mobile technology.

Mobile Repairing Course Content

Course Coverage

  • Basic Electronics
  • Cell Phone Hardware
  • Speaker
  • Mic
  • Buzzer 7 Vibrator
  • Bluetooth
  • Touch Screen
  • Software
  • Keypad
  • LCD
  • Battery
  • Charging
  • Phone Dead
  • Network
  • Camera

Programme Highlights


  1. IC reballing.
  2. Fresher method for Installing Power, Charging, CPU & EMMC IC’c along with heat and air settings.
  3. Removing pasted/glued IC’s using different methods.
  4. Cleaning paste/glue from motherboard and IC’s without any track damage or scratches.
  5. Regular & Micro jumpers below IC’s & tracks on motherboard to restore connectivity/line/track.
  6. Tried and tested method to perfectly reball then install EMMC & CPU on the first attempt.
  7. Creation and application of GR.
  8. Tracing and resolution/solution of Half and Full short.
  9. Section wise training and troubleshooting/fault finding, example: Power, charging, light, graphics, network, ringer, speaker, headphone, wifi/Bluetooth, touch, mic etc.
  10. Dead EMMC recovery using UMT logs.
  11. EMMC Programming using UFI and JTAG.
  12. Process to upgrade internal storage/memory of android mobile phone.
  13. Offline unlock pin, pattern & FRP of all online android phones without any dead risk.
  14. Data recovery through swapping EMMC & CPU.

Our aim is to provide high standards of technical training, so that the trainees are industry ready from the day they finish our training. In most other technical schools, people need to do apprenticeship to practice on the topics learned because there is a huge difference between theoretical and practical training.

We aim to bridge this gap and provide more of practical oriented training. We aim to provide skilled and qualified technicians to the electronics repair industry. We wish to simplify technical training with innovative teaching methods and ideas. We want to achieve complete student satisfaction by providing them networking, LCD LED’s not working, LED BGAic (glass 1c) repairing.


Basic Electronics

  • Introduction to electronics
  • AC & DC voltages and current
  • Various symbols used in electronics
  • Active components and passive components like resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors etc. Explaining properties, circuit symbol, physical appearance, checking procedure and soldering & desoldering methods
  • Soldering methods- practicing soldering & desoldering with micro soldering station
  • Hot air blower using and desoldering and soldering various components with hot air blower
  • BGAIc’s removing and soldering with hot air blower
  • Multi meter explanation and testing various components with multi-meter

Cell Phone Hardware

  • How a cell phone works
  • Cell phone technologies FDMA, TDMA (GSM), CDMA
  • Cell phone block diagram explanation


  • Types of speakers used in cell phone, speaker theory and checking procedure
  • Speaker problems like no sound from speaker, disturbed sound, low volume, mechanical & circuit oriented sound, low volume, mechanical & circuit oriented problems explanation
  • External speaker (earphone) circuit explaining and problems with headphones


  • Mic theory and various mics used in cell phones
  • Mechanical problems of mic
  • Mic circuit explanation and circuit oriented problems solving
  • External mic circuit problems

Buzzer 7 Vibrator

  • Various types of buzzers used in cell phones, buzzer problems like no ring sound. Circuit explanation and problem solving
  • Vibrator circuit explanation, mechanical & circuit problems explanation
  • Led theory and circuit explanation, Problems with led’s like keypad led’s
  • Solving camera module and circuit problems


  • Bluetooth function explanation, Bluetooth problems solving

Touch Screen

  • Touch screen technology
  • Problems of touch screen, replacing of touch screens


  • Explaining basics of computer and operating system using
  • Drivers and application loading for mobile software, card reader, data cables, bluetooth etc
  • Explaining MCU, PPM and PMM and showing how to load them
  • Methods of formatting the phone
  • Practice on using the above applications
  • Resetting the factory default settings in the phone
  • Logos, ring tone, themes, wall papers, mp2 songs, video clips down loading to phone
  • We are training for U.F.S box, Z3X box, and volcano box


  • How keypad functions
  • Keypad circuit explanation
  • A problem with keypad like any one key has to be pressed hard. Any one key is not working. Three or more keys not working. Entire keypad not working
  • Practice of keypad IC soldering method with hot air blower


  • LCD theory
  • Difference between b & w and color LCD
  • LCD problems, circuit explanation and problems solving
  • Replacing LCD BGAIc’s (glass 1c) with hot air blower
  • Replacing LCD ribbon connector


  • Battery theory
  • Types of batteries used in cell phones
  • BSI & B.Temp circuit explanations


  • Charging circuit explanation
  • Charging problems like nothing happens when charger connected, not charging, reconnect charger and charging indicator is showing even the charger removed.

Phone Dead

  • Mechanical checkouts for phone dead problem
  • Phone switching on block diagram & circuit explanation
  • Water locked problems solving


  • Receiving signal (Rx) and transmitting signal (Tx) block diagram and circuit explanation
  • Problems with network lik no Rx. no Tx. signal up and down. Signal appears when phone switched on and disappears immediately. 900MHz ok but 1800 MHz no signal or reversely
  • Only one network is working and others not working in that band


  • Camera functioning
  • Various camera modules
EMMC Software Training Course

What are EMMC, EMCP and UFS?


How many types EMMC available in market?

What is BGA and how to identify BGA any EMMC and EMCP?

  1. EMMC Normal IC & Pasted IC Cutting
  2. Reballing
  3. Fixing
  4. EMMC Programming with UFI Box and J-TAG Box
  5. EMMC Upgrade
  6. EMMC Re Partition
  7. EMMC Change without CPU
  8. New Model FRP Unlock
  9. New Model ISP Pin out Supply Testing
  10. Dump File Read and Write
  11. A live Mobile Phone from Software Dead Condition
  12. All IC’S Non-Pasted & Pasted (EMCP, UFS etc…)
  13. CPU, Network, Power, Charging, PMI, Graphic IC, Light IC, WTR IC etc…
  14. Removing (Safe Method)
  15. Reballing (Saffe Method)
  16. Fixing (Saffe Method)
  17. IC’S Fault Finding
  18. Half shorting
  19. Full shorting
  20. Primary shorting
  21. Full shorting
  22. Clear One Shot
  23. Charging, Ringer, Light, WiFi, Bluetooth, Audio, Mic, Advanced Tracing
  24. Network Problem Solution
  25. Advance method of recover damaged IC print in PCB
  26. Graphic Problem Solution
  27. Blue Light Problem
  28. No Display
  29. Every Advance Dead Phone Recovery by the Hardware or Software
  30. Camera, fingerprint sensor
  31. Voltage testing all ic
  32. Fixing all errors while reprogramming from Ufi

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